CED Annual Report 2018

Working Groups

Dr. Jane Renehan (Ireland) Chair

01—Dental Materials and Medical Devices

This new Working Group emerged from the combined Working Group Amalgam (Chair Dr. Susie Sanderson, UK) and other Restorative Materials and Working Group Medical Devices (Chair Dr. Edoardo Cavallè, Italy). 

The mandate was approved by CED delegates at the 2018 May General Meeting in Tallinn. 

The WG focused on advancing the CED work on the implementation of the Mercury Regulation, the Medical Devices Regulation and the reverse of the ban on tooth whitening in persons under 18 in the EU. 

The WG drafted the CED CAD/CAM Statement highlighting the right of dentists to not be defined manufacturers under the Medical Devices Regulation. 

The WG will look into an emerging issue concerning the classification of nanomaterials under the Medical Devices Regulation.

Dr. Piret Väli (Estonia) Chair


The WG gathered information from the CED Members on usage of information and communication technologies in dentistry. The outcome of this activity has been reflected in the CED Resolution on Data Sharing as part of eHealth.

The WG was an active Member of the eHealth Stakeholders Network.

In 2019, the WG will update the Resolution on Online Evaluation of Dentists and further focus on exchanging good practices and contribution to the discussion on topics such as apps, eConsultations, awareness raising, ePrescriptions and data sharing.

Dr. Paulo Melo (Portugal) Chair

03—Education and Professional Qualifications

The WG worked on the CED position in response to the classification of dental professions in ESCO.

The questionnaire was sent to the deans of dental schools to gather evidence on the adequate changes of the subjects of the study programme for dental practitioners listed in the Annex V.3/5.3.1 of the Professional Qualifications Directive (PQD). The results will be presented to the decision makers in the EU to ensure the dental education remains at the highest level, timely corresponding to the scientific, technical and technological developments.

The WG has intensified its activities in the promotion of One Health culture, working closely with medical doctors, veterinarians and their students.

The update of the Resolution on Continuous Professional Development of dentists in the European Union is listed among the priorities for the WG. 

Dr. Henk Donker (Netherlands) Chair

04—Oral Health

The Working Group focused on oral health inequalities and its impact on vulnerable populations in 2018. 

It also drafted the CED Resolution on Dental Practice and Third Parties to emphasise the fact that dental professionals must be independent in their practice.  

As a follow-up to the public event in June 2018, the Working Group is writing a paper on the importance of prevention policies and recommendations for the future public health policies in oral care. 

Prof. Dr. John Tzoutzas (Greece) Chair

05—Patient Safety, Infection Control and Waste Management

This new Working Group emerged from the combined Working Group Patient Safety (Chair: Dr. Matti Pöyry, Finland) and Infection Control and Waste Management (Chair: Prof. Dr. John Tzoutzas, Greece).

The new mandate was approved by CED delegates at the 2018 May General Meeting in Tallinn. 

The links to the guidelines on Infection prevention and control in dentistry provided by the CED Members are added to the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control website. 

The WG focused on contribution to the European Commission’s consultation on the interface between chemical, product and waste legislation and the Water Directives and will further continue working on this task in the course of next year.

The WG will update the CED resolution on Nitrogen Sedation, by amending it accordingly to new developments.