CED Annual Report 2018


Over the years the CED has worked intensely on improving EU legislation and putting issues that concern dentists on the political agenda. In 2018, we focused on giving the CED even more tools to be an effective representative of dentists in Europe. In May 2018, the CED adopted the revised Statutes and Internal Rules which also included a change in the categories of membership. The CED Brussels Office has changed its location, remaining at the heart of the EU district but now also offering modern space for meetings with the EU officials, policy makers and stakeholders.

On the national level, the CED is concerned that profit-driven interests which underpin the business model of some corporates and chains may impact patient safety overall, therefore we dedicated significant attention to this topic in the Resolution on Corporate Dentistry in Europe, adopted in November 2018.

While constantly being involved in the ongoing discussion at the EU level, we also look into the priorities and barriers for young graduates and engaging more actively with the new generation is one of the main priorities for the CED for coming years.

For the swiftly approaching 2019 European Parliament elections and the appointment of the new European Commission the CED has put together a 2019 Manifesto which showcases our commitment to the future of oral care and dentistry.


Dr. Marco Landi
President (Italy)