CED Annual Report 2018

Task Forces

Dr. Hans Schrangl (Austria) Chair


The Task Force continued to be involved in the Joint Action on AMR and Healthcare Associated Infections (JAMRAI) and has been working with the European Center for Disease Control (ECDC) and other stakeholders on a survey for healthcare professionals. 

Dr. Alexander Tolmeijer (Netherlands) Chair

02—Internal Market

The Task Force continued advocating for dentists as liberal professions in the EU and focused on promoting the CED position on the draft Proportionality Test Directive, drafting a CED position on corporate dentistry and following the developments in the field of advertising by healthcare professionals

Nina Brandelet-Bernot Secretary General


The Task Force contributes to CED political work through lobbying, advocacy and reputation and capacity building. In 2018, focus was put on the website, organisation of public events, and preparation of the Annual Report and the Manifesto for 2019 European elections.