CED Annual Report 2019

Task Forces

Dr. Hans Schrangl (Austria) Chair

01—Antibiotics in Dentistry

In view of the topic of AMR receiving increasing attention on a European and global level, the Task Force has continued its activities in relation to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) in 2019. Among other things, the Task Force took part in a survey on healthcare workers’ knowledge and attitudes towards AMR, conducted by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). Moreover, the Chair attended the European Antibiotics Awareness Day in Stockholm, which saw the launch of the results of the aforementioned survey. The Task Force also joined an EU-funded project on antimicrobial resistance led by Inserm in a supporting role, starting in March 2020. In the course of the year, the Task Force also participated in the regular meetings and activities of the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA) AMR Stakeholder Network.

Dr. Freddie Sloth-Lisbjerg (Denmark) Director

02—Internal Market

In 2019 the chairmanship of the Task Force was taken over by Dr Freddie Sloth-Lisbjerg and the Task Force worked on an update of the CED Resolution on Corporate Dentistry. Other topics that the Task Force has been working on relate to the implementation of the Proportionality Test Directive, partial access, professional liability, advertising, which resulted in a CED Statement on Advertising of Healthcare Services, as well as the newly added topic of health workforce challenges.

Nina Brandelet-Bernot Secretary General


The Task Force Communications is in charge of supporting the CED’s political activities through lobbying, advocacy and reputation and capacity building communications activities. In 2019, the focus of the Task Force was the organisation of a public event in the European Parliament with different organisations representing European healthcare stakeholders with the common goal of raising awareness of the main public health priorities requiring urgent EU action and appropriate budgets. Other activities of the Task Force included the preparation of the Annual Report, launching the Manifesto for the 2019 European elections and increasing the CED’s social media presence. The Task Force also organised two meetings with the communications officers of national dental associations.