CED Annual Report 2023

Task Forces

Dr. Anna Lella
(Poland) Chair

01—Task Force Internal Market

The Task Force Internal Market remained engaged on the topic of workforce challenges, highlighting its concerns on the issue through the CED Position on Dental Workforce. The document was unanimously adopted at the CED General Meeting in May 2023. It offers concrete policy recommendations on solving imbalances in dental workforce numbers and distribution.

The Board Task Force continued its work on corporate dentistry, comparing the results of its latest 2022 survey to the CED members on the topic, with the information from the 2018 one. This comparison further highlighted that corporate dentistry is a trend that evolves and requires continuous focus by the CED. Considering this, the CED also strengthened its collaboration on the topic of corporate dentistry with the European Regional Organisation of the World Dental Federation.

The Board Task Force continued monitoring other issues of relevance to dentistry, such as developments in relation to the Proportionality Test Directive and to partial access. In 2024, the Board Task Force will continue working on the abovementioned issues, as well as other relevant topics that touch on the intersection between internal market and dentistry priorities.

02—Task Force Communications

In 2023 we focused on upgrading our social media presence by launching a more active CED LinkedIn account. We published another Annual Report, summarising the work of the CED in 2022. Last but not least, the CED revamped and relaunched its website, offering a more user-friendly and modern experience for members and visitors.