CED Annual Report 2021


One year of CED work on COVID-19

“Evidence shows that dentistry is safe for dental patients, the dental team and dentists themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic. The effective patient safety and infection control protocols in dental settings prevent additional infection risks, increasing the confidence to return to dental practices.”

Updated CED Resolution Continuing Professional Development of dentists in the European Union

“CPD of dentists is an important instrument of quality improvement and promotion, and, therefore, a regular individual evaluation is absolutely necessary. This is possible if the actors such as national dental associations and other providers support the quality assurance of dental education by formulating guidelines and recommendations, by strengthening the self-evaluation of organisers of continuing education and of their participants and by adapting to potential disruptions, e.g., pandemics, by building suitable infrastructures for online teaching to enable appropriate quality of online education.”

Updated CED Resolution on Vaccination

“COVID-19 among the general public, as builders of public trust with the professional responsibility to protect patients by encouraging them to get vaccinated.The CED appreciates the work done at national and EU level to promote vaccinations and to counter online misinformation and fake news about vaccinations.The CED supports vaccination as a safe and effective tool against COVID-19 and underlines the key role of healthcare professionals as builders of public trust.”

CED Statement on dental tourism and cross-border healthcare

“The CED believes that the quality and safety of healthcare services in relation to dental tourism can best be ensured by establishing clear rules, in whichever form they might appear at the national level, that follow current and updated ethical guidelines and are applied to all those establishments that fully comply with national legislation advertising dental services.”